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Are all Crescent bikes available to buy in stores now equipped with Koppla?
All models with our EGOING system have some form of Koppla.

What differentiates bikes with Koppla Connect and Koppla Connect with ABS from bikes with Koppla Light?
Koppla smart bike technology allows you to connect your electric bike, giving bicycle and cyclist access to features that make the bike safer, both when it comes to cycling and theft protection. This is done via connection to the GSM mobile network.
Bikes with Koppla Light are only connected via Bluetooth and therefore have fewer smart features.

There appear to be different “packages” with Koppla smart bike technology. What differentiates them?
Bikes with Koppla Connect are connected to the mobile network, which gives you access to tracking and maximum theft protection for your bike. Three Crescent bike models are equipped with Koppla Connect, including one model with ABS brakes.
Koppla Light is connected via Bluetooth and as the name suggests, it is a simpler version of Koppla technology. Your battery can still be protected from theft and you have access to statistics and battery information in the Koppla App. Other features based on communicating with your bike, tracking it and turning off the electricity system remotely do not work on bicycles with Koppla Light.

I’ve heard Koppla will be available in a light version for certain models. Which ones?
The models that are not completely connected via the GSM network have a Blutooth connection only and the name for this Koppla package is Koppla Light. See all bikes with Koppla Light here https://www.crescent.se/cyklar/elcykel.html

Can I upgrade a Crescent with Koppla Light to Koppla Connect or add ABS?
It is not currently possible to upgrade bicycles with Koppla with new hardware. If you buy a Koppla Light bike, it will still be limited to the features that are possible with a Bluetooth connection. It also is not currently possible to add ABS brakes to this kind of bicycle.

What features does Koppla Light include?
Crescent bikes with Koppla Light have battery theft protection and riding style selector. You can also see the battery status, receive service messages. Upcoming app-update will give you access to statistics about your cycling and how it affects your health and the environment.

How are bicycles with Koppla Light connected?
They are connected via Bluetooth and therefore have fewer features than the other bikes with Koppla or Koppla ABS.

Can I upgrade my old Crescent with Koppla?
Koppla smart bike technology is based on a new “language” that is used on bicycles with the model year 2020. Older models cannot be fitted with this new technology.


How can I see if my bike has Koppla smart bike technology?
All bikes with Koppla smart bike technology have a decal on the battery which shows that they are theft-protected. If your bike has a Koppla decal on the top tube which shows that it can be tracked via GPS, then it is connected to the mobile network. If it does not have this decal, then your bike has Koppla Light, which means it is only connected via Bluetooth.

What is the benefit of Koppla smart bike technology? Isn’t this already available on the market?
Koppla smart bike technology is a total concept for security and safety. What makes the concept unique is our total approach to tracking and theft protection through the bicycle’s connectivity. Koppla combined with integrated ABS brakes on the Crescent Ellie city bike are brand new to the market.

Koppla includes a feature for battery theft protection. What does this involve?
Here is how battery theft protection works: when you buy your bicycle in the store, your reseller will connect the battery to your bicycle. This means the battery cannot be used with any other bicycle, making it unappealing to steal. The same applies to the bicycle, which will not work with any other battery.
Theft protection for additional batteries for the bicycle is possible (for example, if the bike is shared by multiple family members, each with their own battery). This can be set up with the Crescent reseller.

If the battery is removed from the bike, will the GPS-tracking still work?
Yes, there is an extra battery in the connectivity device that will last for approx. 14 days.


A 3-year subscription is included with bicycles with Koppla Connect, i.e., bikes connected via the mobile network.What happens after 3 years?
When the subscription included with your bicycle runs out, you will receive an offer via the Crescent Koppla app to extend it. You get to choose if you want to extend the subscription. If you have an electric bike connected via Bluetooth (Koppla Light), there is no subscription associated with the app.

What happens if I choose not to renew the connection subscription after 3 years?
If you choose not to renew your subscription, you can continue to ride your electric bike. However, your bicycle will stop communicating with the app. You will not be able to use the bicycle’s connectivity features. This includes tracking, the ability to lock the electric system via the app, to set up geo-fencing, crash reports via the notice feature in the app, etc. You will no longer receive statistics about your bicycling, nor will you be able to see your battery status. However, theft protection for the battery will continue to be activated. If you have an electric bike connected via Bluetooth (Koppla Light), there is no subscription associated with the app.

Where can I see when it is time to renew my connection subscription?
A 3-year connection is included with the purchase of an electric bicycle connected to the mobile network (Koppla Connect). You can see the date you connected your bike on the Crescent Koppla app under the menu with the bike symbol.
You will receive a notice in the app when it is time to renew the subscription. You get to choose whether to extend the subscription after 3 years. If you have an electric bike connected via Bluetooth (Koppla Light), there is no subscription associated with the app.

Can I have a bicycle with Koppla if I do not have a smartphone?
You can use your bicycle with Koppla smart bike technology even if you do not have a smartphone to connect it to. Your battery will still be protected from theft and if your bike has ABS brakes, they will still work. However, other smart features that protect you as a cyclist and your bike are part of the Crescent Koppla app and will not work without it.

Can everyone buy a connected bicycle?
In theory yes, but to be able to access to and use the smart functions that comes with your Crescent with Koppla, you need a smartphone to download the Crescent Koppla app and connect it to your bike.

What happens if I buy a bicycle and I do not have mobile coverage in the areas where I typically ride?
Koppla smart bike technology is based on 2G. 2G coverage is excellent throughout Sweden. However, we advise you to make sure you have coverage if you are uncertain.

What happens if I buy a bicycle, have connected it, and then change my mind?
If you bought your bicycle online, the Distance and Off-Premises Contracts Act applies, which gives you 14 days to change your mind. If you bought the bicycle in a store, you should check the applicable terms and conditions with the store. If a connected bicycle is returned, the reseller should contact Cycleurope, which will “disconnect” the bike from the previous owner so that it can be registered and connected to a new owner.

What happens to the connection if I sell my bike?
When you buy a bicycle with Koppla smart technology, it includes a 3-year connection (applies to bicycles with Koppla Connect). If you sell your bicycle during this 3-year period, the buyer can take over the subscription. Contact Crescent via service@crescent.se for help transferring the subscription. If you have an electric bike connected via Bluetooth (Koppla Light), there is no subscription associated with the app. Don’t forget to delete the bike under the “More” menu in order to disconnect it from your Crescent Koppla account in the app.


What is included in the price shown on your website?
The suggested prices on Crescent’s website are the total price and the monthly price, with a 36-month payment plan. These prices include a 3-year connection subscription to the mobile network if your bicycle has Koppla Connect or Koppla ABS. A Bluetooth connection is included for models with Koppla Light.

What does it cost to renew the connection subscription after 3 years?
The current monthly cost for this service is SEK 99. The monthly cost for continued connectivity will be set based on the applicable market prices at the time. This means the price may decrease or increase somewhat. You get to choose if you want to extend the subscription. If you have an electric bike connected via Bluetooth (Koppla Light), there is no subscription associated with the app


How do I start using Koppla and access all the smart, secure features?
You can download the Crescent Koppla app to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play. Create an account by registering your information and then scanning the code on your bicycle according to the instructions in the app. Done! Your reseller will help you with this onboarding process.

I have heard that there is a Crescent Koppla app. How does it work?
You can connect the Crescent Koppla app to your Crescent bicycle with Koppla smart bike technology. The app provides statistics about your cycling and keeps track of when it is time to charge the battery. If your bicycle is connected via the 2G network, then the app is used to track your bike, set up geo-fencing and activate the electric system through digital theft protection, and create a list of friends that will receive an SOS text message if you have an accident and fall.

Where can I download the Crescent Koppla app?
You will find it in the App Store or Google Play.

Can several members of the family be connected to the same bicycle?
You can share your bicycle with other users by inviting them via the Crescent Koppla app. Use the “share” icon.

Can I be connected to several different bicycles with the same app?
You can be connected to multiple bicycles in the app. Toggle between the bikes using the “change bikes” icon.

Do Koppla Light and Koppla Connect use the same app?
The Crescent Koppla app is used for all bikes with Koppla smart bike technology, regardless of the package, but the number of features differs. Read more about the differences between Koppla Light and Koppla Connect on the Crescent webpage.

From when does the subscription for the connection begin to apply?
When you register yourself and your bicycle for the subscription, it begins to apply. This only applies to bikes connected via the mobile network (Koppla Connect). Bikes with Bluetooth (Koppla Light) have no associated subscription.

Will the app notify me when it is time to service my bike?
You will initially receive service reminders in accordance with the warranty service program via the email address you gave when you registered with the app. In the future, all service messages will come via the app.

Will more features be added to the app?
Koppla smart bike technology is a digital product that is being developed and updated continuously. Watch out for app updates so that you always have the latest version.


What do ABS brakes on a bicycle entail?

ABS brakes on a bicycle prevent the front brake from locking. This is very effective and makes the braking distance as short as possible.  

How does ABS (anti-lock braking system) work?
A sensor measures the speed of the front wheel and sends the information to a control box.
Using the sensor’s speed measurement and a 6-axle platform, the control box detects the surface you are riding on. The control box sends signals to the activator, which immediately reduces or increases the pressure on the brake, depending on the surface. 

When is the ABS activated?
When the display comes on, the yellow ABS icon should light up on the electric bike’s display panel. In this case, yellow indicates a check of the ABS system. When you start riding and exceed 5 km/hour, gently squeeze the brake lever. The ABS icon will now turn green. The ABS brakes are now active. 

What does braking with ABS feel like?
Just like braking on a regular electric bike. With very hard braking, a light pumping resistance may occur in the brake lever.

Do the ABS brakes work on all surfaces?
Yes, they work on all kinds of surfaces.

What do ABS brakes look like?
ABS brakes are concealed inside the frame. You can only tell that a bike has ABS from the sensor on the brake caliper and an extra thin disc located beside the brake disc. You can also tell that a bike has ABS from the ABS symbol on the bike’s colour display. You can see this in the top right corner of the display and it shines green when the ABS is active.

How do I know the system is working?
The ABS is integrated with the bike’s display. The display shows an ABS indicator. If it is lit up in green, then the system is functioning properly. If the ABS has some kind of function error, the icon will turn yellow and an error code will be displayed in the bottom right corner. In this case, you should contact your reseller to solve the problem. If the ABS feature is not working, your brakes will continue to work without the ABS feature.


My connected bike is not working as it should; how can I get help?

Your Crescent electric bike specialist will help you. You can find all Crescent resellers on the Crescent webpage.